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Portals de rovell homits de pedra Plàstic cremat Faldons emmorcats El rellotge tanca la botiga del rellotger Homes agenollats per homes Ens fan ésser tot allò que mai no forem Casa gran signada És la por la més fosca de les fosques Un vell verd de cara ennegrida i de rialla de falç es fuma una pipa de divises, damasos, escritures notarials i tot alló que sigui necesari per apallisar-te de tal manera que no et puguis aixercar-te pus mai, quin home tant dolç que et fara conrra la terra amb el teu barram com fan els infants ficant el morros a la sucrera Deu es una bala de palla

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Sun Haiping is decorated for Liu Xiang " fine line " into athlete village tens of people cluster round
Liu XiangArrive at Jinan.
Sport netDispatch is occupied " China business signs up for " report, liu Xiang is mixed in personnel of a few security of formal personnel cluster round fall to install check passageway through athlete village
Liu Xiang arrived at Jinan eventually last night, the 3rd times the brigade of the national games begins formally, he will initiate concussion to 3 coronals king. And the national games, also entered Liu Xiang time from this.
Arriving is to arrive, this nevertheless Liu Xiang plays with reporters again rose to play hide-and-seek.
Avoid the plane below reporter Liu Xiang gets close way
Liu Xiang takes FM9247 of Shanghai Airline airliner on last night formerly at 19 when take off 40 minutes, 20 when arrive at Jinan 50 minutes. But because suffer in airport sky the influence of control, defer take off. Final reporters understand, he will at 22 when fly to airport of Jinan Yao wall 10 minutes.
To interview Liu Xiang, some reporters from 16 when begin to garrison the airport. And arrive 21 when, the airport had collected the reporter of about 20 media at least. Be in about 21 when 30 minutes, honoured guest passageway came out a flock of volunteers and police, begin to be decorated in honoured guest passageway draw a line, see this situation, reporters feel OK to capture arrives Liu Xiang, did not think of 22 when 20 minutes, a Liu Xiang took two polices, cleared away a thing to remove with the volunteer subsequently. Reporters look at each other in speechless despair, so these are camouflage, liu Xiang does one thing under cover of another, had gotten fine line to go.
Sun Haiping decorates safe passageway ahead of schedule
Introduce according to controller of hall of honoured guest of airport of [url=http://wholesalenikeshoes.page4.me/]cheap jordans for sale[/url] Jinan Yao wall, sun Haiping arrives at Jinan hind in 20 days of evening, be Liu Xiang for a short while arrive at business class. Sun Haiping is over in reconnaissance after spot circumstance, designed to be provided extremely puzzle safe passageway of the gender, experienced personally. According to introducing, sun Haiping is well-content to this passageway, think media reporter cannot Liu Xiang of close quarters bring into contact with.
Liu Xiang enters athlete village tens of people cluster round
Later, a special of Shanghai track team appears in airport doorway, reporters are rapid pull up to goes to be being patted madly, a boot that there is Liu Xiang only inside the car at this moment nevertheless just.
The staff member discloses, liu Xiang is after plane be born, had been received from aircraft parking area directly by the special of Shanghai round ministry. Two volunteers disclose, they saw Liu Xiang, but the reason as a result of working discipline, cannot leak any informations. Two do not know to get the vermicelli made from bean starch of the message from where, begin to write or paint and paper are held in the hand originally, preparation lets Liu Xiang sign. Also can not see Liu Xiang to finally, after disappointed two people take a picture each other, face about leaves.
In fact, 22 when 45 minutes or so, liu Xiang has fastened car of gram business affairs to enter athlete village smoothly by a white, in personnel of a few security and formal personnel cluster round below, carry the channel that install check smoothly. It is reported, after Liu Xiang and coach grandson sea make the same score assemble, will undertake preparing for war finally according to the plan that has made beforehand these days.